What's in our guide

What's in our white paper for an advanced robotics deployment?

Cohesio's robotics roll-outs only take three steps:
Discovery, Implementation, Entrenchment.

Sound simple? Only if dedicated to a business's unique requirements, executed by the right team and treated as a change of mindset as well as system.

Taking onboard guidance from process designers, project managers and robotics engineers, we delve into our three-phase process integral to every AMR deployment Cohesio leads. Putting the how behind the why, we highlight each value underpinning a successful robotics roll out, step by step:

Discovery: establishing what your business wants to achieve and what success looks like.

Implementation: tailoring our sophisticated automation solutions to your warehouse management processes and people.

Entrenchment: ensuring your team is supported through change management services, securing a future-ready stream.

Rise of logistics robotics

The coming Rise of logistics robotics in Ausralasia

Australia and New Zealand have traditionally been slower automation adopters than other markets. Part of this focus on evolution over revolution has come from perceived fears around businesses using automation solutions to wipe out jobs.

But the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision shows this is unfounded - the group points to the 442 robotics businesses across Australia that are the livelihood of almost 50,000 people. An industry employing so many isn't built on destroying jobs - it's about streamlining human-driven processes.

Cohesio & Geek+

Cohesio & Geek+
Automation tailored Down Under

Cohesio is vanguarding this change to the logistics sector, developing a robotics system custom-built for Australian and New Zealand organizations. In partnership with the Geek+ robotics team, Cohesio designed a localised support framework, tailored to Australian regulations, to support companies to better integrate and deploy their AMRs. We also developed a structure for ensuring each project adapts to the changing needs of our clients - our unique three-step process.

Intrigued about how we can integrate advanced robotics into your business? Download our three-step guide on the what, why and how of our AMR deployment by filling out your details now!

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