Continuous, holistic, complete.

We design today’s solutions to optimise tomorrow’s performance

We are intrigued by each client’s unique business imperatives and are motivated to broaden their capacity for improved business performance. We do not believe in the prescription of pre-determined solution, but rather in a partnership of discovery and a process of innovation.

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Our Process

Bespoke, integrated solutions

With the curiosity and endeavour to create bespoke, integrated solutions, Cohesio Group 360° executes your supply chain objectives for an outcome that is optimised at every stage, from every angle.

  • Introduction Introduction
  • Identify & Scope Identify & Scope
  • Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management
  • Intralogistics Intralogistics
  • Execution Execution
  • Optimise Optimise
  • Introduction

    We want to know everything about you – that’s our first priority. Our ability to offer the most appropriate advice and execute the most efficient outcome depends on our total understanding of your individual objectives and limitations.

    We prioritise partnership, and advance through collaboration.

  • Identify & Scope

    We dedicate ourselves to learning the specific intricacies and idiosyncrasies of your business. Identifying and scoping your core requirements, clarifying key assumptions, and conducting detailed data analysis to confidently formulate the final solution. We don’t stop there. We’re determined to remain transparent and collaborative from design through to delivery.

  • Supply Chain Management

    We evaluate every link in your chain and leave no process unturned.

    From global network design and transport modelling to Omni channel and e-fulfilment, our team is skilled across every discipline and empowered to develop an end-to-end supply chain strategy that considers your current objectives as well as your future ambitions.

    Our process will discover a tailored solution that leverages all your opportunities for business improvement across service, cost, and simplicity. Your modern supply chain will boast improved speed to market and execution accuracy, achieved with the lowest possible cost and the highest possible efficiency. We deliver leaner processes for maximum stakeholder and customer satisfaction.

  • Intralogistics

    The art of optimisation. Our intralogistics team formulates a distribution centre design solution that produces maximum operational excellence, efficiency, and flexibility.

    We undertake detailed data analysis to formulate extensive solution options encompassing the internal operational solution, evaluating appropriate technology, software and capital and the eventual property outcome. We present your business with the full spectrum of solution possibilities. We design and model manual, semi-automated, and fully automated warehouse solutions and present commercial and business justification for each.

    Together we determine the exact combination of manual and automated processes to maximise and expand your capability and capacity. We deliver a modern solution for a scalable facility that enhances your customer experience – now and for years to come.

  • Execution

    This is where we close the loop. We’re practical people with practical experience, and the integrity to see our solutions through. The quality of our delivery matches the detail of design.

    Our execution team is highly experienced in supply chain transformation, change management, automation & technology, systems integration and business process re-engineering. They apply structured processes and governance to effectively manage expectations.

  • Optimise

    Then we share our expertise. Optimisation of technology relies on the skills of its operators. We educate your staff through continuous improvement programs and consistently provide best practice recommendations. Guaranteeing that your new facility is achieving 100% of its capability.

    We ensure continuity of business throughout implementation, and continued success once the keys are in your hands.