Cohesio Group - Nishan Wijemanne


Nishan Wijemanne

Single malt & all blacks fan.

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Cohesio Group - Rizan Mawzoon

Sales Director

Rizan Mawzoon

Fastest cricket delivery — 140km/h.

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Cohesio Group - Paul Phillips

Senior Business Consultant

Paul Phillips

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin.

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Cohesio Group - Yiau Hwei Chan

Technical Lead

Yiau Hwei Chan

Capture time in moments, I must.

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Cohesio Group - Ravi Nath

Chief Technology Officer

Ravi Nath

Give me sci-fi shows & Matthew Reilly books any day.

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Cohesio Group - Arthur Dardoumbas

Director, Supply Chain Solutions — 360º Supply Chain Consulting

Arthur Dardoumbas

Let’s talk Football…What is Football?

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Cohesio Group - Derek Tan

Director, Project Services — 360º Supply Chain Consulting

Derek Tan

Poker’s about the hands you fold, not the hands you play.

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We believe in people working together to create a future.

At Cohesio Group, we define partnership as collaborating to achieve a common goal. We invest more than time into our relationships and projects — we invest in people. We believe our best opportunities and solutions always sprout from within the circle.

Cohesio Group - Rachita Naik

Marketing Manager

Rachita Naik

I carry my wisdom in my heels

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Cohesio Group - Carl Oreback

Operations Manager

Carl Oreback

Global citizen.

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Cohesio Group - Atit Bhatt

Chief Financial Officer

Atit Bhatt

Bollywood & cricket fan.

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Cohesio Group - Edwin Chong

Project Manager

Edwin Chong

Google lover.

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Cohesio Group - Ashley Steers

Project Manager

Ashley Steers

“How good is this?” – Peter Brock

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Cohesio Group - John Goggin

Project Engineer

John Goggin

Theatre is life, the rest is just set dressing.

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Cohesio Group - Samir Rafiq

Account Manager

Samir Rafiq

Excited by new tech, old problems & big ideas.

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Cohesio Group - Lindsay Hendry

Senior Software Architect

Lindsay Hendry

60’s to 80’s Australian muscle car fanatic.

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Cohesio Group - Mathew Jones

Development Lead

Mathew Jones

I’m from Wales.

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Cohesio Group - Tim Noakes

Solutions Specialist

Tim Noakes

Reader & coffee drinker.

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Cohesio Group - Bhavesh Patel

Solutions Specialist

Bhavesh Patel

Family, beers, BBQ’s & sports.

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Cohesio Group - Jane Lim

Project Coordinator

Jane Lim

Tea & Japanese anime.

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Cohesio Group - Dinuka Dalpathado

Solutions Engineer

Dinuka Dalpathado

My dog Pepper is perfect.

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Cohesio Group - Kavinda Senarath

IT Support Assistant

Kavinda Senarath

Classic cars & bikes.

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Cohesio Group - Maneesha Jayasuriya

Administrative Assistant

Maneesha Jayasuriya

As sweet as Moscato.

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Collaboration is key for exploration.

Our customers are organisations ready to see positive change in the way their businesses are managed. They are our collaborators. We are their partners. Together we find tools, technology and solutions that improve the quality of the process and the end product.

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