Process optimisation at retail store level

Arduous and inefficient retail workflows at store level can make the most modern retailers resource-heavy and unproductive. Our experience in optimising warehouse workflows up and down the supply chain gave us the nous to create a software that creates process optimisation at retail store level as well.

How Cohesio Group overcame Australia’s retail disruption

Powerful tool to engage customers and ease operations

Effortlessly integrate, scale & connect

No integration required No integration required
Plug, Play & Scale Plug, Play & Scale
Robust Analytics Robust Analytics

No integration required — ignito is built to stand-alone or can be effortlessly integrated into an existing legacy or enterprise environment. The cloud-based system is up and running in a matter of days with minimal technical requirements.

Plug, Play & Scale — Simply plug-and-play ignito on your iOS, Android or Windows device with minimal training requirements. ignito is fully scalable, allowing the system to grow seamlessly alongside your business, whatever its size.

Robust Analytics — ignito’s sweet spot is bringing the DC to the store into a connected environment and topped with robust analytics linking the two together. Ignito creates seamless interaction between your operational systems.

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Allowing retailers to do so much more

How Ignito won a CRN Impact Award

At the 2018 CRN Impact Awards, Cohesio Group won the Evolving Innovator prize for our work rolling out Ignito for a specific client – My Chemist. This is an award specifically for Australian businesses that have established their own IP based around a third-party platform, and have a history as a strong service provider in Australia. Up against some incredibly strong competition, we were honoured to be recognised in this category.

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About ignito

ignito’s framework

ignito Automate

ignito automates some of your most arduous operational and marketing processes by understanding and executing their flow from start to finish. ignito integrates with your existing system, be it an ecommerce platform, a point of sale platform or any other legacy system, complementing your IT environment as a powerful partner.

Automate your
— stock order/re-order
— stocktake
— inventory planning and control
— retail click & collect
— customer communication
— digital customer engagement
— announcements, updates and recommendations

ignito Engage

Ignito Engage drives a seamless omni-channel experience. ignito resides in the background of your operations and continuously collects rich bountiful data about your customers’ interactions, purchases, behaviours and preferences. This allows ignito to engage in a more personalised way with your customers by delivering targeted product recommendations, sending succinct reminders about specials or engaging with customers about the progress of their order.

For education
— location driven messaging service
— engage with your students and faculty members
— guest Wi-Fi facility

For quick service restaurants
— automatic engagement partner
— engage with diners while they place their order

ignito AI

Ignito AI is the powerful artificial intelligence driver that you couldn’t part with. Imagine having access to real-time actionable insights about your customers and your processes so you could make quick decisions, create targeted marketing campaigns or simply develop better products? The benefits of ignito AI are not for the faint hearted.

Ignito collects rich data from everywhere – your online store, your brick and mortar stores, foot traffic outside and inside your store, customers at your point-of-sale areas, kiosks, event spaces, classrooms, and social media. Ignito AI converts this data into meaningful and actionable data and automatically executes actions such as product recommendations, targeted advertising and announcements for customers. For staff, it facilitates automatic stock ordering and replenishment notices and also becomes an automatic upsell prompter for in-store staff.

— works with our presence detectors
— detect the presence of people at specific locations and trigger actions such as digital competitions, surveys and social media campaigns
— powerful machine learning abilities and business intelligence

ignito Guest Wi-Fi

Ignito’s guest Wi-Fi works as a powerful marketing machine in your premises allowing you to offer your customers a better Wi-Fi experience and targeted offers whilst they use guest Wi-Fi.

When your customers use your dedicated guest Wi-Fi, ignito collects customer data that is provided by the customer during the registration process. Ignito AI automatically pushes targeted content, offers and various other engagement opportunities. Imagine pushing content that not only wows your customers but enriches their experience and creates revenue opportunities? Plus, you can now have comprehensive analysis of your customers’ behaviours and preferences to share with your team and use it to benchmark, profile or even better your products, services and marketing campaigns. Such is the power of ignito’s capabilities!

— perfect for retail, education, hospitality, quick service restaurants, hotels, event spaces and airports
— build any style of targeted content
— welcome sms or emails, competitions, customer satisfaction surveys, ratings, tactical offers and social media promotions

ignito Automate  ignito Automate
ignito Engage ignito Engage
ignito AI ignito AI
ignito Guest Wi-Fi ignito Guest Wi-Fi

Hear from Cotton On Group

"Ignito’s experience in developing retail technology and their agility was evident right from the start with the complete application in our case customised and deployed in a matter of weeks. The superior efficiency of ignito’s application was experienced with great results across 26 stores and two Cotton On Group brands in New Zealand. I would recommend ignito to any retailer that wishes to take their retail operations to the next level of digital success and customer experience."

Travis Robertson

Head of Multi-Channel Operations

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