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Supply Chain

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Food Service



Our retail solutions solve the complexities of delivering a successful end user experience to our customer’s customer.

We know the retail experience for your customer is only a small facet of the consumer journey. We have the experience and exposure to look for optimisation opportunities within the product journey, from the manufacturer or source, to the retail shelf.

No two retail businesses are the same. However, we’ve come to solve some popular challenges in workflow for retail companies, such as:

  • Having accurate inventory information on-hand
  • Minimising time from back stock to on-shelf
  • Reducing downtime for cycle count and stocktakes
  • Increasing customer facing time

Traditionally, people look at supply chain as just the distribution centre (DC), which is only one link in the whole supply chain.

But we know better and recognise the greater picture. At Cohesio Group, we explore the supply chain as a whole, beyond the distribution centre. We identify optimisation opportunities from the start of manufacturing to the final customer.

We work with our customers to help move things from start to finish in the most efficient way. An example of dissecting the entire workflow to explore solutions would be:

  • starting from raw materials,
  • moving to food packaging,
  • then to food manufacturer,
  • over to a distributor,
  • to the retailer,
  • and, finally, to your beloved consumer.

When it comes to food service, we focus on what matters most — helping you get on-time deliveries.

Critical on-time delivery of food and associated items is the backbone of food service providers. We find solutions that allow companies to reduce their customers’ cycle time, from order placement to delivery.

To do this, we recognise the importance of optimisation in four key areas:

  • Products - what you’re selling
  • People - taking orders, processing orders, picking orders, delivering orders
  • Services - same day delivery
  • Assets - warehouse space, trucks, IT equipment

In our experience, our solutions allow our customers’ customers increased flexibility and reliability. This funnels down to allow the final consumer to have a better experience. We work right through the distribution chain, from factory to plate.

Transport managers are facing challenges that can no longer be addressed in isolation.

With so many areas of overlap, we analyse the entire transportation logistics to identify leaks in efficiency. We recognise being able to optimise the following can significantly reduce fuel and technology costs. We can then work with our customers to increase safety levels, customer satisfaction and regulatory commitments.

By focusing on the variables of a customer’s transport fleet (fuel, vehicle fleet technology, etc.) we can help reduce costs, improve customer service levels, and increase driver satisfaction.

  • Route & location
  • Time of day travel
  • Load optimisation
  • Increasing customer facing time
  • Safety checks
  • Confirmation of delivery to customer and sender






We deeply understand all the inputs to the manufacturing process.

With our expertise, we create a collaboration between manufacturers and technology.
This all requires insight into the areas of risk for manufacturers.

We take our understanding of all the inputs and process to find solutions that control the on-time delivery of raw materials, uptime of manufacturing equipment and optimisation of warehousing and outbound transport.

With a significant amount of manufacturing becoming semi or fully automated, it’s important to understand the demanding requirements of the process and the environment in which technology must work.

We help 3PL providers be more flexible in delivering solutions to their customers.

For 3PL providers, we understand maximising assets and people is paramount to success. Without long-term visibility of customers or the ability to commit to capital purchases, our 3PL customers rely on us to help deliver outcomes that increase their value to their customers.

We help do this by allowing 3PL’s to:

  • Recognise and validate potential labour savings
  • Increase asset value
  • Provide for more flexible workforce
  • Increase flexibility with their technology

When it comes to healthcare, safety and well-being is our commitment.

Our healthcare customers have no greater responsibility than working to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers and their customers’, customers. The importance of being on-time, in-full and with 100% accuracy is not something our customers strive for, but rather a requirement and non-negotiable.

We work with our customers to find ways to reduce time, process or technology waste, in many forms:

  • Reducing downtime in the manufacturing process
  • Increasing accuracy of information and products
  • Reduction in process time from order to delivery

Our Process

We work outside the box to find the best set of solutions for your business.

Our 7-step process of understanding your business to build solutions that deliver results starts with you. We listen and work alongside our customers, allowing our partnership and planning to be strong and sound.

We start with a proof of concept and tweak until the systems are fully integrated and you see results.

  • Introduction Introduction
  • Strategic Discovery Process Strategic Discovery Process
  • Proof of Concept Proof of Concept
  • Systems and Solutions Architecture Systems and Solutions Architecture
  • Implementation Implementation
  • Testing Testing
  • Deployment and Support Deployment and Support
  • Introduction

    Let’s meet and get to know each other and your business — over a coffee, tea or beer!

  • Strategic Discovery Process

    We begin our process of learning and understanding your business and its challenges through research, site visits, team interviews, and systems, product and hardware analysis.

  • Proof of Concept

    Our team — Lead, Project Manager and System Architect — commune to develop a plan to present to your Operations and Management teams. Here we look for all the possibilities to solving your company’s unique challenges and opportunities for optimisations.

  • Systems and Solutions Architecture

    Our team revisits the plan, and edits and amends until the collective aligns on a set of solutions. Afterwards we get busy building out the systems to integrate into your business.

  • Implementation

    We install all systems, services and hardware and make sure everything is running as planned.

  • Testing

    After installation, we continue testing and optimising the plans for the most efficiencies and cohesive communication between systems.

  • Deployment and Support

    Included with each of our plans is a dedicated Customer Service Lead on-call and ready to troubleshoot any challenges that may arise following implementation.

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