All Efforts Count During COVID-19 by Cohesio Group

23rd March 2020

Dear all

Since my previous communication, I wanted to touch base again to check how you all are doing.

It’s been a tough few weeks for our us all across the globe as we all navigate a new “normal” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As always, our thoughts are with you, your families and your teams. Now more than ever, we can all truly appreciate just how small the world really is. It is during times like these that we emphasise the importance of coming together to protect our communities.

It is a challenge to navigate the unknown, but as we continue to understand COVID-19 and how we can slow the spread of it, we are putting thoughtful measures in place to do all we can to protect our team, our customers and our local community.

Service and Support: Response Timeframes:

At Cohesio, the majority of our team across Australia, New Zealand and Asia are now working from home with a skeleton crew in the office to support you all during this time. We are doing our utmost to continue to support you where we can. I would like you to understand that our regular service levels are likely to be impacted as a result. The turnaround on repairs, the response to urgent requirements and on-site visits will no doubt be impacted as well. I am sure you comprehend this situation.

So, I urge you to hang in there with us whilst we do our best to turn around your requests. We have been advised this afternoon that the Honeywell repair centre in New Zealand will be closed as of tomorrow. We will continue to do what we can for our NZ based clients under the circumstances.

Honeywell Repair Centres [Updated 25th March 2020]:

Honeywell repair centres in Australia as well as New Zealand will remain open.

Zebra Technologies Repair Centres [Updated 24th March 2020]:

Zebra Technologies repair centres in Australia and New Zealand will remain open.

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) support:

For our AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) deployments, support will be managed remotely by our support team until things settle down.

Let’s stay connected:

As the situation continues to change, our service and support plans may well too. In the interim, stay connected with us as this is more important now than ever before. Please be mindful that we are constantly evaluating the situation and making decisions day by day.

As always:

We are at your service on the COVID-19 immune internet. Feel free to communicate via our support portal, our website and even our social media channels. Through our social channels, we not only provide updates but also continue to put smiles on your faces and show you how we at Team Cohesio are doing our best during these challenging times.

You or your team may be feeling anxious, sad, stressed, scared or even angry. The world is in a crisis after all. If you feel like a chat just phone, text or email us or any of our team members so we can share the load.

For now, stay safe and healthy and be sure to take care of each other. We are a part of a wonderful community of customers, partners and colleagues and we wish you all nothing but the best.


Cohesio Group
All Efforts Count During COVID-19 - by Cohesio Group