Cohesio Group wins Australia’s first ever 3PL AMR project for retail and e-commerce fulfilment

Cohesio Group wins Australia’s first ever 3PL AMR project for retail store and e-commerce fulfilment with Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics has appointed Cohesio Group to implement an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) project, making it the first ever AMR implementation by a 3PL in Australia.

The project includes 28 AMR in Bolloré Logistics’ Sydney warehouse, facilitating the efficient delivery of luxury goods across various brands via multiple e-commerce platforms and retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand.

Cohesio Group

The AMR project reduces space cost through increasing storage density and minimizing the operational cost through its efficient picking and high throughput. The end-to-end data integration ensures faster and more accurate order fulfillment. With numerous luxury brands housed in a single location, and each brand having a unique product range, an error-proof system is vital. The AMR goods-to-person solution ensures higher accuracy compared to conventional picking methods.

“We chose Cohesio for its unparalleled reputation in innovative solutions in general, and more specifically for AMR solutions,” said Frederic Parent, Bolloré Logistics Director of Logistics, Pacific Region. “We’ve been impressed with the Cohesio partnership with Chinese robotics & AI providers, Geek+, and the collaboration meant that we could be first in the Australian and New Zealand market to introduce this particular innovative technology.”

“With a compelling offering in the marketplace, efficiency in the order-fulfillment process ensured lower operating costs for Bolloré Logistics’ clients,” said Tim Baracz, Cohesio Group’s Sales Director. “Typically a project of this nature can take several months from conception to final delivery. This includes proof of concept testing and onboarding the customer. But we were able to halve that time frame and deliver in four months, a feat of which we are very proud.”

“Bolloré Logistics is successfully integrating the AMRs into their warehouse processes. We are thrilled to see the company take the initiative with this type of technology.” said Ravi Nath, Head of Automated Solutions at Cohesio Group. “Payback periods can vary depending on the business environment and the operational nuances but the time frame can be significantly less than the payback period seen with fixed automation infrastructure.”

With this successful deployment for AMR with Bolloré Logistics the team can put its name to another first – the first 3PL and e-commerce distribution business in Australia to automate its operations through robotics of this nature, and the first to use robots in high-end retail goods processing.

Cohesio Group

About Cohesio Group

Cohesio Group, a part of international technology group Körber is a leading integrator and developer of tech solutions that enable rapid optimisation of workflows and processes and is also an idea generating partner for strategic concepts. With offices across the Asia Pacific, Cohesio Group creates innovative technology transformations that span across supply chain and logistics including warehousing and distribution centres, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, FMCG and retail. Cohesio Group’s enterprise-grade solutions range from voice-powered technology that enable hands-free workflows through to new-generation mobility solutions, software applications that provide actionable business insights and retail fulfilment as well as solutions such as Autonomous Mobile Robots that enable automation in distribution centres.

About Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport and logistics. The company offers services in multimodal transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, global supply chain, and industrial projects. Being one of the top 10 transport & logistics company globally, the company runs a network of 609 offices and employs 20,600 staff worldwide in 107 countries with its headquarters in Puteaux, France.

In Asia-Pacific, Bolloré Logistics has a trusted network across 19 countries, with a strong reputation for its expertise in Aerospace, Luxury fashion and Perfumes & Cosmetics. To ensure ethical and responsible business practices within the logistics value chain, the company launches “Powering Sustainable Logistics” CSR program to provide its customers with sustainable supply chain solutions. The local teams constantly innovate to deliver high value-added integrated services and solutions that fits perfectly into today’s logistics landscape.