Cohesio Group delivers a world-first AMR implementation in a chilled warehouse.

Leading logistics technology company Cohesio Group doubles the pallet picking rate at Galipo Foods by implementing world-first Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in their chilled warehouse.

Award-winning food distributor Galipo Foods has appointed Cohesio Group for an Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) project that is set to become the world’s first AMR project in a temperature-controlled food service environment.

Set to shake up the logistics industry, the project represents a new frontier in the use of AMR technology. The strategy addressed numerous challenges for the Cohesio and Geek+ teams, who collaborated to provide a logistics solution that delivered increased output, more storage capacity, greater efficiency and enhanced deliverables. Not to mention the issue of delivering the service in a climate-controlled environment.

Cohesio Group

A new stage of growth for Galipo

The Cohesio Group solution comprised 12 robots introduced to the 27 m X 13 m Galipo refrigerated warehouse located in Dry Creek, SA. All are programmed to work seamlessly within Galipo’s existing logistics interface, which includes Cohesio Group’s voice-powered workflow optimisation solutions. As a leading South Australian food supplier, Galipo wanted to enhance the efficiency of its process to meet strong business growth and customer demand.

The approach: plan, integrate, train, iterate

“Balancing speedy delivery with careful, systematic planning always underpins our project management ethos,” said Ravi Nath, Head of Automated Solutions at Cohesio Group. “For Galipo, we spent three months carefully building the technology blue print and architecture, to ensure timely delivery and strict adherence to the budget. Accurate data collection is critical at this stage.”

“The project presented numerous challenges,” said Rizan Mawzoon, Head of Transformation at Cohesio Group. Firstly, the changing trends in the food distribution market meant that customers were purchasing smaller volumes more frequently, in order to minimise their own storage pressures and ensure product freshness. This increase in order quantity was leading to increased demand for the Galipo workforce. Secondly, like any project, buy-in from the warehouse team was essential for success. Consequently, a comprehensive team training program was fundamental to the rollout. Thirdly, we needed to adhere to a variety of strict hygiene and national food safety standards, to uphold the Galipo reputation for quality and reliability of its produce.”

Cohesio Group

Initial results are impressive

The program was launched in August 2019, and is already showing significant efficiencies. The AMRs have doubled Galipo’s pallet-picking rate, allowing the team to better meet customer demands. Faster picking and less travel around the distribution centre means its trucks are able to take more orders more often. Galipo can now assemble custom food orders, with the AMRs doing the heavy lifting while floor staff seamlessly manage the process.

A proud history of collaboration, and more to come

“We are delighted with the return on our investment. It means we stay competitive by remaining at the forefront of logistics and warehousing technology,” said Nathan Narayanan, General Manager of Galipo Foods. “Our partnership with Cohesio Group dates back more than ten years. We relied on the team for the implementation of voice-enabled workflow optimisation systems, so we were confident in their ability to handle this new challenge. Our warehousing systems are now completely transformed and we are better prepared to meet growing and evolving customer demand. We’re already looking to the next stage of innovation which is improving our inventory management and order fulfilment process in the dry goods and frozen food distribution departments.”

About Cohesio Group

Cohesio Group, a part of international technology group Körber is a leading integrator and developer of tech solutions that enable rapid optimisation of workflows and processes and is also an idea generating partner for strategic concepts. With offices across the Asia Pacific, Cohesio Group creates innovative technology transformations that span across supply chain and logistics including warehousing and distribution centres, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, FMCG and retail. Cohesio Group’s enterprise-grade solutions range from voice-powered technology that enable hands-free workflows through to new-generation mobility solutions, software applications that provide actionable business insights and retail fulfilment as well as solutions such as Autonomous Mobile Robots that enable automation in distribution centres.

About Galipo Foods

Galipo Food Company started out in 1983 as four fridges and freezers in entrepreneur Sebastian Galipo’s garage. This small-time but ambitious operation soon grew into South Australia’s largest food distributor, suppling over 3000 food businesses, from small milk bars to large catering kitchens in South Australia. As part of Countrywide Australasia, Galipo Foods service a number of large QSR’s and it has won a slew of state and national awards for excellence in food distribution and transport. Galipo Foods have been voted as the Best Distributor in Australia for 4 out of the last 6 years along with being the best distributor in South Australia for the last 6 years.