Cohesio Group, part of Körber unveils new sorting AMR solution

Melbourne, June 11, 2020

Cohesio Group, now Körber Supply Chain, has launched a new sorting robot solution in Australia and New Zealand.

Set to be a game-changer for the ANZ supply chain and logistics industry, the Körber AutoSort Mobile solution will give logistics operators the opportunity to maximise operational capabilities through flexible, affordable and scalable automation.

This product is manufactured by Zhejiang Libiao Robotics Co., Ltd. (AIC Systems), a modern high-tech enterprise specialising in R&D, manufacturing and the sale of robotic products. The company leads the way in research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and automation projects in logistics.

This new solution will compliment Cohesio Group’s current portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions including voice-powered technology and goods-to-person automated mobile robots (AMR).

The Körber AutoSort Mobile offering differs from a traditional sortation system in that it does not require a fixed track. The solution uses free-moving, independent robots that help businesses reduce their heavy reliance and investment in fixed automation. Instead, the Körber AutoSort Mobile AMRs offer greater scalability at a comparatively economical investment and thus a much quick return on investment.



It utilises AMRs that allow dynamic sortation, taking the shortest and most direct path. This kind of flexibility offers significant efficiency and productivity gains over a traditional cross belt or shoe sorter. As this solution can also be operated on a table-top, this form of picking or sortation offers increased flexibility during peak periods, such as what has been seen during COVID-19.

Furthermore, the capital required for deploying the Körber AutoSort Mobile solution is up to 60 per cent less than a traditional sortation system.

“We are excited to release this new AMR solution in Australia and New Zealand. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant surge in e-commerce and online shopping consumers. In order to fulfil this challenging demand, many of our clients are exploring further opportunities in automation. We have listened to their requests for more scalable and affordable automation solutions – whether that be automation installed in limited spaces or mezzanine levels or those that can be quickly deployed in pop—up DCs or dark fulfilment store. I am very proud to add the new Körber AutoSort Mobile table-top sorting AMR solution to our existing AMR portfolio,” Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of Cohesio Group said.

The Körber AutoSort Mobile solution also offers ultimate flexibility, with the ability to scale up when needed. “Robots can be added during peaks in demand, and the system expanded at any time. The system can be very easily redeployed elsewhere in the warehouse when needed. This is particularly helpful when you see spikes in demand for specific SKUs, like we know retailers have experienced during COVID-19,” Nishan said.

“As the level of investment is notably lower than traditional sorting methods, and we can offer implementation timeframes of as little as three to five months, this system generates more than twice the ROI of traditional sorting systems. I am confident that this new offering will shake up warehousing and logistics operations in Australia and New Zealand.” Ravi Nath, Head of Automated Solutions at Cohesio Group said.

“The Körber AutoSort Mobile requires shorter lead times and significantly less space than traditional sortation systems. A further advantage is that there is no single point of failure anywhere in the system. We know that conveyor downtime can be a huge cost to any operation. With this solution, if there is any failure it will only impact one single element, enabling the solution to continue,” Rizan Mawzoon, Head of Transformation at Cohesio Group said.

The Körber AutoSort Mobile is ideal for a wide variety of goods across parcel sortation, e-commerce, wholesale and store replenishment. It can be utilised for picking, sortation, table-top and mezzanine sortation and is capable of handling goods of up to 25 kilograms. Additional robots can be added to the operation in a matter of seconds, ensuring that there is no interruption in workflow or downtime.

“The use cases for this kind of automation are vast, whether it’s a large-scale e-commerce operation, retailer, 3PL or freight provider. Simply put, it’s for anyone who has a volume or pop up requirement for sorting products,” Nishan said.

Boasting some of the biggest names in retail and logistics on its roster, Cohesio Group has deployed autonomous solutions for Wesfarmers, Bollore and CEVA Logistics, among others.

The leading technology provider was acquired by Körber in September last year, and recently announced that it would join eleven other sister companies under the umbrella Körber Supply Chain. The united brand will become a leading international technology provider with a diverse range of capabilities spanning software, automation, voice, robotics and material handling equipment.

Access the information brochure on Körber AutoSort Mobile here.

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