Media Release: Australian warehouses to reap benefits of new robotic partnership

20 July 2018

Cohesio Group has entered into a partnership with robotics innovators Geek+ that will see automated guidance vehicles (AGVs) deployed in Australian warehouses.

A market leader in the logistics solutions sector, Cohesio Group designs bespoke and highly effective systems using the integration of the latest, and many tried and true, technologies.


Identifying Geek+ as the preferred partner

Seeing an opportunity to further assist clients by adding best-of-breed technology to its portfolio of integrated solutions, Cohesio Group researched several companies before identifying Geek+ as its preferred partner.

According to Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of Cohesio Group, Geek+’s scalable, flexible and rapid ROI solution coupled with its level of experience with over 3500+ robots currently operational worldwide, was a compelling reason for our partnership.

“Combining Geek+’s AI and robot expertise with our inherent knowledge of DC operations delivers a powerful offering never seen before in this space,” says Wijemanne.

“Our collaboration with Geek+ involves integrating AGVs for item picking, moving and sorting. This will deliver huge benefits for the Australian market with robotic assistance able to help streamline warehouse operations and bring about cost efficiencies. For example, a traditional goods-to-person deployment system would cost $15-20 million+. With the advanced navigation and pick-and-move capabilities of the AGVs this could drop to anywhere from $1-3 million,” explains Wijemanne.


Cohesio Group launches robotics for logistics in partnership with Geek+
Cohesio Group launches robotics for logistics in partnership with Geek+


A market full of opportunities

In Australia, there has been limited investment in robotics thus far, particularly in warehousing and logistics, but as online retail demand increases and the load on warehouses spikes, the need for both efficient labour and well-utilised space will only grow.

Lit Fung, MD of Geek+, says Australia is an exciting market with many opportunities to help companies deliver robotic solutions together with our partner Cohesio Group.

“Robots can help improve the efficiency of logistics operations, big and small,” says Lit Fung. “The AGVs use precision navigation technology which means goods are picked, moved and sorted with accuracy. Every AGV device is capable of moving a 1,000-kilogram load and operates in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius,” explains Fung.

Greater accuracy and load-bearing abilities mean robots can pick and transport warehouse items faster and in less time than their human counterparts offering efficiency gains of processing up to 300 more units per hour per person. What’s more, the AGVs can be deployed and integrated with existing warehouse management software within three to six months, minimising operational transition.

Each robot is compactly designed so operating in a smaller warehouse is feasible and they are also equipped with artificial intelligence to continually reoptimise floor mapping and stock locations dynamically.

“Warehousing and logistics robotics have been a long time coming in Australia, the future is now,” says Wijemanne. “Industry 4.0, in which automation drives all aspects of commercial operations, is now set to truly shake up the logistics sector.

“Innovation and disruption are only buzz words unless they are acted upon. We’re constantly looking at ways to stay ahead of the curve and challenging the Australian logistics industry to be a world leader,” says Wijemanne.

“With two market-leading Geek+/Cohesio Group turnkey AGV projects undergoing implementation in Australia and a number of new engagements on the horizon, we’re excited about driving operational transformations across the industry.”

Read more information on Cohesio Group’s robotics offering here.

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