Update On Repair Centres during COVID-19: 25 March 2020

25th March 2020

Following recent advice from our partners, here is a quick update on repair centres. Further below, you will find quick links to previous letters from our CEO, Nish.

Honeywell Repair Centres:

Updated 25 March 2020

Honeywell repair centres in Australia as well as New Zealand will remain open.

Zebra Technologies repair Centres:

Updated 24th March 2020

Zebra Technologies repair centres in Australia and New Zealand will remain open.

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) support:

For our AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) deployments, support will be managed remotely by our support team until things settle down.

23 March 2020 – Read the update from Team Cohesio regarding COVID-19

16 March 2020 – Read the original letter from Team Cohesio regarding COVID-19

You or your team may be feeling anxious, sad, stressed, scared or even angry. The world is in a crisis after all. If you feel like a chat just phone, text or email any of our team members so we can share the load.