Voice with Android is coming to the masses: are you ready?

To date, the audiences for Voice solutions have been split into two camps: Those who can afford it, and those who can't.

While Android is the logical next step up from manual, paper based or RF scanning processes, the capex outlay to get it off the ground is, simply, too much for a lot of businesses. The devices themselves, licensing components, necessary hardware – all told, it can cost as much as $100,000 to set a voice solution up for a crew of just ten.

Then you have to have the right deployment platform, ongoing maintenance and support, not to mention working out whether it will actually improve the bottom line of your business. Wrongly implemented, even the most advanced technology can be as useful as a wet match in a dark cave.

But change is on the horizon. We've just listed a lot of barriers between businesses and Voice. Now we're going to show you how to break them down.

Many businesses operating in the supply chain already utilise Android Voice. Many businesses operating in the supply chain already utilise voice.

SaaS-style Voice with Android is on the way

There's a massive gap in the market for a more affordable Voice with Android program, and some providers are starting to wake up to this. By adopting a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Cohesio Group can offer this high-tech solution at a fraction of the cost organisations currently pay. 

It's a relatively simple setup: plug-and-play capabilities where your business secures the necessary hardware and software from one provider, including third-party headsets and licensing. It's a specific set of assets, but a system that is fully integrative with the right platform. 

An SaaS-style setup also means the costs come out of your opex, eliminating the significant outlay that has so far restricted voice to enterprise-level businesses. You'll pay per user, and have lots of room for customised scaling over time. One size never fits all with this kind of technology – your business deserves the chance to establish it on its own terms. 

It's exactly the kind of project we love here at Cohesio. One of our big pet peeves is how exorbitant the costs can be for setting up tech which is, in this competitive supply chain environment, absolutely necessary. As the gap in the market for opex-based voice solutions picks up, we're going to be very excited about being involved. 

Android Voice capabilities will make handsets a potent tool for supply chain operators.Voice with Android capabilities will make existing mobility devices a potent tool for supply chain operators.

Why Voice with Android matters for the supply chain

Beyond the obvious cost benefits for small businesses, shifting to Voice with Android on an SaaS model can elevate an organisation well beyond its competition. Legacy Windows applications for voice picking are functional, but on the way out (end of support for many devices and systems expires in the next few years). 

Android also gives you added functionality. Beyond picking, new-wave solutions can enhance inventory management, help to automate e-commerce systems and even streamline front-of-shop retail roles. You're not just taking the next step in the warehouse – you're taking the next step right up and down the supply chain.

The only catch is, organisations will need the right platform on which Voice with Android can run. A platform that can integrate with different software from multiple parties, bringing shipping, sales and storage together in one comprehensive back-end management system. 

Sounds a lot like Ignito, doesn't it? Initially built to help front of store retail outfits executive high-level solutions, Ignito is now rolling out to distribution centres, helping back-end warehouses improve productivity and their bottom line. Once Voice with Android solutions start hitting the market, we anticipate this platform will prove essential for getting voice-activated solution integrated with every step of the supply chain. 

Almost any working environment can benefit from proper utilisation of Android Voice. Almost any working environment can benefit from proper utilisation of Voice with Android.

Voice with Android isn't just the future, it's the present

For many, Voice with Android is an expensive change that is sitting on the horizon. Those currently operating on Windows products and software for their voice tech have end-of-support dates coming up, although in some cases not until 2021.

But sooner or later, that support will expire, and you will need to upgrade to a new voice system. Android is the obvious way to go, but those prohibitive costs have put operators off to this point. Hopefully today we've shed some light on a better way of doing business.

By embracing an SaaS process for your Voice with Android, you're going to make massive savings, gain extremely customisable scaleability, and add value where your organisation needs it most. That's the kind of development we love to see at Cohesio Group, and we're looking forward to meeting the changes head-on.

If you want to find out about the best way to upgrade your voice technology, let's grab a beer – get in touch today.