Accessory Care Tips by Team Cohesio during COVID-19

Dear Customers and Voice Operators

We hope this email finds you and your team in the best of health. We hope COVID-19 is not having a significant impact on your business. It is a challenging period for our community and we can all get through it together.

At Cohesio Group, our team are always working on how we can help you minimise risks for your team. So, here are some considerations and tips from our team to yours.

We recommend that:
  • you provide each user with a headband, microphone cover (windscreen) and ear pads. Although this is a part of our standard recommendation, it is just a gentle reminder as often best practices can slip through the cracks.
  • you use alcohol wipes to clean the Talkman and headset, along with the batteries and other surfaces subject to regular contact. 
  • if the operators choose to wear masks, they will be required to re-train their profile to allow the voice template to modify according to the expected changes in the voice due to a mask.
  • your team regularly washes and or sanitise their hands throughout their shift.
  • you follow this great resource from Honeywell to read additional information.
We are working hard in ensuring that all critical components and accessories are available.

Should you need our support in obtaining any additional Vocollect accessories during this period, simply reach out to any of our team members listed below. Despite the impact of this challenging period on our beloved supply chain, we will always do our best to accommodate your requirements and procurements in close collaboration with our partner Honeywell.

With future orders you can expect some valuable resources and visuals in the form of posters for your facilities as well as digital resources from our team to help you care for your accessories.

Fill out your requirements here and our team will be in touch with you.

Remember, you can always contact one our team members directly from here.

Signing off until next time. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Team Cohesio
Cohesio Group
Care Tips For Voice Users during COVID-19 by Cohesio Group