VoiceID and Voiteq Announce Global Partnership

Voice directed work leaders in their markets, Voice Interface Design (VoiceID), headquartered in Australia, and Voiteq, headquartered in the UK, have announced a partnership enabling both companies to offer multinational solutions and support to customers throughout Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

As well as enhancing the ability of both companies to win and support global projects, the partnership also facilitates communications at all levels, enabling VoiceID and Voiteq to share market and best practice information. The companies will establish joint project and support processes to ensure consistent, high-quality service to multinational customers.

“We strive to provide our customers a local service on a global scale”, commented David Stanhope, CEO of Voiteq. “Like Voiteq, VoiceID is a leader in their region with a focus on quality solutions and excellent customer service. This partnership strengthens our global commitment and we’re delighted to be able to work more closely with the VoiceID team.”

“VoiceID’s culture embraces the new era of mobile computing and delivers the ever increasing need for actionable business insights. It is important for market leaders to co-innovate to solve challenges for the industry. Our partnership with Voiteq will give us the ability to innovate together and deliver future-proof solutions for our customers”, said Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of VoiceID. “Voiteq’s extensive experience in voice and AIDC projects and broad geographic coverage made them the perfect partner. We’re excited about the opportunity this partnership brings to our global customers and to our growth strategy.

About VoiceID

VoiceID (Voice Interface Design) is the leading integrator of voice-enabled workflow solutions across Asia Pacific with a global reach. We consistently innovate, design, integrate and support a powerful solution-stack that enables rapid process-and-workflow optimisation for our customers using voice recognition technology and its complimenting solutions.

Our projects scale globally and continue to create success stories of supply chain transformations for several blue-chip companies. VoiceID holds the largest pool of qualified and experienced team across Asia Pacific with 30+ years of experience within the supply chain and logistics industry, encompassing design, consultancy, project management and implementation.

Our suite of enterprise-grade solutions and our consultancy based approach creates a perfect partnership with our customers. Our aim is to efficiently remove the requirement for manual processes and deliver a high level of accuracy, efficiency gains and unparalleled visibility of information to allow our customers to make real-time decisions.


About Voiteq

Voiteq is a leading global supplier of voice-directed solutions.

Voice is our core business and we’ve helped our customers reap the substantial benefits of hands-free, eyes-free work for over 15 years. The simplicity of a voice-directed operation provides a much smoother and more efficient way of working than other methods; resulting in real productivity, accuracy and customer service improvements that deliver bottom-line savings.

With offices in the UK, France, Germany and North America, Voiteq has the largest team of experienced voice specialists in the world. Voiteq offer a range of ways to improve your warehouse, in-store and inspection operations with our award winning VoiceMan product family; including intelligent execution systems, screen-to-voice and direct connections to SAP and other host systems.

Our business intelligence tools provide users with real-time dashboards and performance reports to improve operational visibility and decision making.