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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) present themselves as the new-age, flexible automation solution that is being rapidly adopted by Supply Chain businesses across the globe. Designed to take on traditional tasks of a robot but with greater flexibility and access to more diversified applications, AMRs are the new wave of flexible automation that allow supply Chain operations to scale, rapidly expedite and even completely pivot to new forms of workflows and fulfilment processes.

AMRs have the capacity to understand sensors, blueprints, artificial intelligence and higher-skilled navigation points. AMRs also have the intelligence to reroute based on the perception of surroundings, allowing them to travel from one point to the next but do so in an uncontrolled environment.

Compared to fixed automation which requires a very high investment coupled with comprehensive warehouse layouts an planning considerations, AMR solutions by Cohesio group offer a variety of flexibly automation options that cater to a variety of warehouse layouts and size constraints. Flexible automation such as AMRs feature rapid implementation, significantly lower investments compared to traditional or fixed automation and undoubtedly the best variety of flexible applications to enable maximum scalability and dynamic workflows.

At Cohesio Group, our innovative values along with our experienced team with vast knowledge in distribution-centre workflow gave us the edge to create a large and varied suite of AMR solutions for our customers across Asia Pacific.

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Cohesio's powerful stack of AMR solutions

Cohesio Group offers Geek+, Locus Robotics, Fetch Robotics and our new table-top sorting AMR, Körber AutoSort Mobile

Since pioneering AMRs into Australia and New Zealand in 2018, Cohesio Group’s portfolio increased to three distinct and world-class AMR solutions to offer more diverse, versatile and agile automated mobile robot (AMR) solutions.

- Goods-to-Person AMRs powered by Geek+
- Locus Robotics – a new exclusive partnership for APAC
- Körber AutoSort Mobile sorting AMR solution – launched in June 2020

Cohesio Group will soon become Körber as part of a global rebrand strategy. Hence, the newly unveiled Körber AutoSort Mobile sorting solution is aptly named and branded under Körber.

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Geek+ AMR solution by Cohesio

GEEK+ is an innovative and a leading technology provider that applies advanced robotics and AI technologies to realise high-flexibility and intelligent logistics automation solutions.

The Geek+ Picking System realises Goods-to-Person picking by enabling robots to carry shelves, breaking from the traditional Person-to-Goods law. This reduces the travel path for operators, thus achieving fast, accurate and efficient order delivery. Additional the Geek+ portfolio also includes Sorting System that uses a strong AI algorithm and flexible system scheduling to determine the most effective path and reduce convergence. This robot is able to carry out fast sorting automatically, and send parcels to the corresponding shipment port.

Cohesio has successfully deployed AMR technology powered by Geek+ across numerous logistics sites across Asia Pacific, including a world-first GTP AMR deployment in a chilled warehouse.

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Locus Robotics AMR solution by Cohesio

Cohesio Group has an exclusive partnership with Locus Robotics to deploy Locus Robotics’ AMR solutions across Asia Pacific. Based in Massachusetts in the US, Locus Robotics designs and builds autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that work collaboratively with workers in fast-paced logistics and fulfilment facilities.

Locus Robotics solutions have proven to deliver a 200 to 300 per cent productivity boost for many of the world’s largest retailers and logistics providers.
The Locus Robotics solution significantly reduces travel time for operators in the distribution centre by bringing the goods to the operator. The solution can also batch multiple orders and increase the location hit rate, offering further efficiencies. The solution can be implemented into a facility in a matter of days and the infrastructure does not need to change at all due to Cohesio’s connector software enabling a seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure. The solution is scalable, and the management of the solution is simple. It is also very easy to implement the Locus Robotics solution with Warehouse Management Systems or existing DC operational systems.

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Körber AutoSort Mobile AMR table-top sorting solution

Cohesio Group (now part of Körber) recently unveiled the new table-top AMR sorting solution.
Set to be a game-changer for the ANZ supply chain and logistics industry, the Körber AutoSort Mobile solution will give logistics operators the opportunity to maximise operational capabilities through flexible, affordable and scalable automation.

This product is manufactured by Zhejiang Libiao Robotics Co., Ltd. (AIC Systems), a modern high-tech enterprise specialising in R&D, manufacturing and the sale of robotic products. The company leads the way in research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and automation projects in logistics.

Körber AutoSort Mobile allows dynamic sortation, taking the shortest and most direct path. Now logistics and retail businesses can free up space in their distribution centres and reduce their investment in traditional and fixed automation. The independence and scalability of Körber AutoSort Mobile table-top AMRs can expedite the sortation for parcels, eCommerce, wholesale and store replenishments on table-top as well as mezzanine levels.

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Fetch Robotics AMR solution by Cohesio

Cohesio Group (now part of Körber) has formed a strategic partnership with Fetch Robotics, a California-based intralogistics automation company that pioneered the world’s first cloud robotics platform for delivering on-demand automation in any facility.

Fetch Robotics is unique in that it provides a cloud robotics platform that autonomously moves and tracks virtually anything in any warehouse or manufacturing environment and is the only autonomous mobile robot solution that deploys in hours as opposed to days or weeks and do not require extensive changes to warehouse environments or existing processes. The Fetch Robotics solutions offer immediate efficiency gains around travel and labour time. Providing significant efficiency and productivity gains, warehouse operators instead have the time to focus on higher-level and more productive tasks

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