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We empower by finding clarity and perspective in new systems.

Finding the right solutions to a business challenge is never a one-step process, and hardly solved overnight. So we stepped outside of the industry expectations. We created a business and strategic process we all could truly get behind — with the guts, solutions and technology to back it up.

  • Introduction Introduction
  • Strategic Discovery Process Strategic Discovery Process
  • Proof of Concept Proof of Concept
  • Systems and Solutions Architecture Systems and Solutions Architecture
  • Implementation Implementation
  • Testing Testing
  • Deployment and Support Deployment and Support
  • Introduction

    Let’s meet and get to know each other and your business — over a coffee, tea or beer!

  • Strategic Discovery Process

    We begin our process of learning and understanding your business and its challenges through research, site visits, team interviews, and systems, product and hardware analysis.

  • Proof of Concept

    Our team — Lead, Project Manager and System Architect — commune to develop a plan to present to your Operations and Management teams. Here we look for all the possibilities to solving your company’s unique challenges and opportunities for optimisations.

  • Systems and Solutions Architecture

    Our team revisits the plan, and edits and amends until the collective aligns on a set of solutions. Afterwards we get busy building out the systems to integrate into your business.

  • Implementation

    We install all systems, services and hardware and make sure everything is running as planned.

  • Testing

    After installation, we continue testing and optimising the plans for the most efficiencies and cohesive communication between systems.

  • Deployment and Support

    Included with each of our plans is a dedicated Customer Service Lead on-call and ready to troubleshoot any challenges that may arise following implementation.

Technology Solutions

Our team is revolutionary in the logistics and transport space.


Voice recognition solutions remain one of the most efficient methods of communication between humans and technology. These processes allow people to communicate in a safe and automated method, leading to an increase of efficient data capture and reduction in movement.

Interleaving tasks; creating better utilisation of assets, staff and resources; and improving customer satisfaction and staff retention are all benefits for the end user with voice recognition technology.

It also happens to be one of the first solution offerings we launched to help companies.

Wireless Networks

We live in an always connected and wireless world. As this increases, we rely on the infrastructures that deliver a seamless experience to the end consumer. Software and technology connections need to be secure and consistent. This allows the various systems to deliver what the consumer relies on and expects.

We implement these wireless technologies with thoughtful design and consideration as there are many environmental inputs running behind the scenes that contribute to the user experience.

Mobile Computing

Consumerism continues to merge with industrial mobile technology. As this happens, your business’ ability to help users move from a consumer device to an industrial device becomes ever so critical. And a transition from the older industrial technologies is more challenging.

Transitioning properly ensures your customers' experience remains unchanged, and that the technology driving the operations meets environmental and business needs.

Industrial & Enterprise Printing

Correctly identifying and ensuring the accurate movement of goods is critical. It allows us to deliver reliable and consistent products to suppliers, distributors and customers. Printing of data needs to be instantaneous, efficient and accurate while considering the impact it has on the environment.

Our Industrial & Enterprise Printing Solutions allow the right data and media to used, at the right time. We create a seamless, consistent solutions of minimising negative impacts to business performance.


Robots can help improve the efficiency of logistics operations, big and small. From improving floor operations of item picking, transportation and processing to generating warehouse layout reports to make your business more efficient, automation’s place in the future of logistics seems brighter by the day.

Supply Chain Consulting

Cohesio Group’s 360 Supply Chain Consultancy is an end-to-end, multi-disciplinary team empowering companies to unlock the possibilities of their future. As our world accelerates towards automation, more and more businesses are recognising the need to embrace significant cost and service improvement opportunities.

Voice Voice
Wireless Networks Wireless Networks
Mobile Computing Mobile Computing
Industrial & Enterprise Printing Industrial & Enterprise Printing
Automation Automation
Supply Chain Consulting Supply Chain Consulting

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