Cohesio Group - Nishan Wijemanne


Nishan Wijemanne

Single malt & all blacks fan.

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Cohesio Group - Rizan Mawzoon

Head of Transformation

Rizan Mawzoon

Fastest cricket delivery — 140km/h.

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Cohesio Group - Ravi Nath

Head of Automated Solutions

Ravi Nath

Give me sci-fi shows & Matthew Reilly books any day.

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Cohesio Group - Yiau Hwei Chan

Technical Lead

Yiau Hwei Chan

Capture time in moments, I must.

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Cohesio Group - Paul Phillips

Senior Business Consultant

Paul Phillips

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin.

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Cohesio Group - Arthur Dardoumbas

Director, Supply Chain Solutions — 360º Supply Chain Consulting

Arthur Dardoumbas

Let’s talk Football…What is Football?

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Cohesio Group - Darren O’Connor

Director of Operations

Darren O’Connor

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Cohesio Group - Amar Erigela

Business Analyst

Amar Erigela

Chai pe Charcha, Dum Biryani & Gully Cricket

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Cohesio Group - Anita Maller

Customer Success Manager

Anita Maller

Mission Accepted

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Cohesio Group - Ashley Steers

Project Manager

Ashley Steers

“How good is this?” – Peter Brock

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Cohesio Group - Atit Bhatt

Chief Financial Officer

Atit Bhatt

Bollywood & cricket fan.

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Cohesio Group - Bhavesh Patel

Solutions Specialist

Bhavesh Patel

Family, beers, BBQ’s & sports.

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Cohesio Group - Claudia Ford

Client Executive

Claudia Ford

Books are my relaxation, food is my revival

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Cohesio Group - Dinuka Dalpathado

Solutions Engineer

Dinuka Dalpathado

My dog Pepper is perfect.

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Cohesio Group - Edwin Chong

Project Manager

Edwin Chong

Google lover.

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Cohesio Group - Jane Lim

Project Coordinator

Jane Lim

Tea & Japanese anime.

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Cohesio Group - Jess Covich

Client Manager

Jess Covich

The best way to predict your future is to create it

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Cohesio Group - John Goggin

Project Engineer

John Goggin

Theatre is life, the rest is just set dressing.

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Cohesio Group - Kavinda Senarath

IT Support Assistant

Kavinda Senarath

Classic cars & bikes.

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Cohesio Group - Lindsay Hendry

Senior Software Architect

Lindsay Hendry

60’s to 80’s Australian muscle car fanatic.

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Cohesio Group - Maneesha Jayasuriya

Administrative Assistant

Maneesha Jayasuriya

As sweet as Moscato.

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Cohesio Group - Rachita Naik

Marketing Manager

Rachita Naik

I carry my wisdom in my heels

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Cohesio Group - Samir Rafiq

Account Manager

Samir Rafiq

Excited by new tech, old problems & big ideas.

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Cohesio Group - Sophie Greenwood

Marketing Assistant

Sophie Greenwood

Cheese and wine enthusiast

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Cohesio Group - Tarryn Edelstein

Client Executive

Tarryn Edelstein

I’m outdoorsy, I drink wine on the balcony

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Cohesio Group - Tim Baracz

Sales Director

Tim Baracz

I’ll be chasing the sun

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Cohesio Group - Tim Noakes

Development Lead

Tim Noakes

Reader & coffee drinker.

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