Chemist Warehouse Group

Read how Ignito's capabilities improved Chemist Warehouse Group's operations in almost every sense.

By: Mark Finocchiaro, Managing Partner and Director of Chemist Warehouse Group

We’re an innovative business always pushing the boundaries and considered a disruptor in our industry. We are on a constant search to make retail frictionless for the two million customers we serve every week.

We started working with Cohesio Group and their dedicated retail software ignito in 2017, primarily to improve the efficiency of stock reconciliation and greater stock management. There’s a lot of technology to put stock into boxes but not a lot of technology to take it out.

Through the use of ignito, staff now open a box and issue voice commands into an Android device.  This creates a digital trail where any anomalies are automatically flagged.  It also enables better visibility and utilisation of stock throughout our supply chain and retail network providing efficiency gains which enhance the consumer experience, both online and in-store.

Ignito is digitally enhancing our customer experience, not only by ensuring the stock is replenished quickly, but by allowing our staff to fulfill ‘click and collect’ orders more efficiently.

‘Click and collect’ demand is growing and the Ignito software automates the workflow across the entire process, from the customer order right through to fulfilling that order by individual staff members.  It provides inventory visibility and automates tasks such as customer notifications and proof of collection.

Ignito also enables us to analyse purchasing patterns and demographic reporting to really get to know our customers buying behaviour and requirements, serving them better.

Our mission is to provide affordable healthcare to all Australians, to help them live, look, and feel well. Our partnership with the Cohesio Group is helping us push the boundaries and lead innovation in retail.

By: Mark Finocchiaro, Managing Partner and Director of Chemist Warehouse Group

At the 2018 CRN Impact Awards, Cohesio Group won the Evolving Innovator prize for our work rolling out Ignito for a specific client – My Chemist. This is an award specifically for Australian businesses that have established their own IP based around a third-party platform, and have a history as a strong service provider in Australia. Up against some incredibly strong competition, we were honoured to be recognised in this category.